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Yakutia International Science Games

General Instructions for the Leaders


1. General requirements

1.1. If a team member will feel any general uneasiness, please refer to the nearest medical station as soon as possible (in the places of residence and competition facilities);

1.2. It is prohibited to leave the territory of campus without the leader or attaché volunteer.

1.3. It is strictly prohibited to swim in any water bodies.

1.4. Mite bites prevention: it is important to prevent the bites of mite, especially if you are in the forest or out of town, in the country land. The mites could be in the grass and get on your shoes and then climb up to your body through the clothes. Therefore it is important to inspect each other for the presence of any insects.


2. Security on the campus territory

2.1. Do not light up any fire, do not use fireworks.

2.2. Do not use the fire exit stairs to climb up to the roof.


3. Fire safety

3.1. In case of alarm warning system activation (siren) with a voice message, please proceed through exit routes, which will be specified by the facility staff. When leaving your room please close all the windows, disconnect all electric devices and close the door behind you.

3.2. Please do not use defective power plug sockets and inform the concierge about the defect.


4. Safety in transport

4.1. Please do not enter the bus and exit the bus without permission of attaché;

4.2. It is necessary to put on a seat belt;

4.3. Please do not walk around the bus, reach out your hands or head into the bus windows during the ride.

4.4. It is not recommended to sleep during the ride.


5. Anti-terrorism safety

5.1. Dormitory entrance is allowed only upon the presentation of ID Badge (document of identification).

5.2. In case of detection of any suspicious packages, bags or boxes, please do not approach or touch them. Please inform immediately your attaché about it.


Every team leader which accomplished and acknowledged the instructions must brief and instruct every member of his/her own team and acknowledge it by signing and transmit a completed acknowledgement list to the Organization Committee (Main Office 121, Oyunskogo st. 37) not later than the 9th of July 2018.



Emergency services phone numbers:

101 – Fire Department;

102 - Police;

103 – Emergency Health Services;

112 – General Emergency Services