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Yakutia International Science Games

Local time. Yakutsk time is 9 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Summer in Yakutia is the time of so-called White nights for its midnight twilight, as the sun goes down 6-7 degrees below the horizon. You can bring sleep masks to sleep well.


Electricity. Russia operates on 220 volts, 50 cycles. Power sockets are of Type C, and Type F. Do not forget to bring socket adapters for the connectors of your appliances.


Currency. The local currency is Russian rouble (RUB). The exchange rate is around 63 RUR for 1 USD (July 25, 2018). Major credit cards are accepted (VISA, MasterCard). ATMs are available throughout the city.

We recommend you to change your currency to US Dollars (USD) or Euro (EUR) in airports of your countries, and then in the Russian Federation, you can make the change to RUB, since it can be more complicated to exchange other currancies in Yakutsk.


Insurance. Make sure to bring valid medical insurance with you.


Medical Information. Those who live in the dormotories, please fill in and bring Russian Human Wellbeing Agency Form for accreditation. The form was sent to your contact e-mails by the organizers of your participating event.


Weather. Yakutia’s climate is sharp continental. In July, daytime temperature can reach +38-40°C but can decrease to +15-20°C in the evening, and usually, the weather is sunny and dry, rains are not frequent.


Insects. Due to specific features of Yakutian climate, there can be mosquitoes and midges. Dormitories will have insect screens; please do not forget to bring insect repellents, mosquito-repellent sprays (be careful about possible allergies), etc. The Russian Government Human Wellbeing Agency treated the vicinity to reduce the mosquito population through the safe forms of treatment.



  • lightweight, comfortable clothes for hot and sunny days;
  • hats, sunglasses, sunblock cream for outdoor activities;
  • sweaters and pants for evening events;
  • a warm jacket, gloves, and socks for an excursion to the Kingdom of Permafrost and the Lena River cruise;
  • a formal dress or institution clothes for official ceremonies;
  • sportswear for sports and games;
  • a national costume, or clothes with national details for cultural events;
  • an umbrella, or a raincoat.



  • as it can be quite dusty these days, shoes with closed toes are preferred;
  • comfortable sneakers for sport activities


Wi-fi. All accommodations and venues have free Wi-fi access, except for excursions places and on the ship.


Water. We do not recommend to drink tap water without boiling for the sake of safety. But you can use tap water for washing and cleaning purposes. There will be natural spring water will in water coolers throughout the venues and accommodations.


Accommodations. The students, team leaders and accompanying persons will live in North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) Dormitories. Experts and guests will live in Tygyn Darkhan Hotel, Polar Star Hotel, and Triumph Hotel.

NEFU dormitories provide with*:

  • towels for face, feet, and bath;
  • liquid soap;
  • bed linen;
  • a toilet paper.

Do not forget to bring:

  • toothbrush;
  • toothpaste;
  •  house slippers.


* Please note that hotels can offer additional items.