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Yakutia International Science Games

09 july 2018 at 18:00

The summer is hot as promised — the thermometers hit +35! Nevertheless, today the participants had a chance to explore Yakutsk and experience its heat on their own in the Geocaching game. The guys from Novosibirsk, Altai, Yakutia, Moscow, Italy and Mexico were walking together around the city and finding out famous Yakut monuments as well as some special details about the city that might be surprising even for its citizens. For example, the question, how many towers of the reconstructed Yakut old jail are their nowadays, confuses many dwellers of Yakutsk. The participants had to plan the route on their own and to find out the answers to the numerous puzzles on their way. Given 2.5 hours, they had to cover the whole city center from the Student campus to the Kruzhalo district. The task in such a heat was quite challenging! A lot of guys got back very tired and the water supplies were running out very quickly. However, almost all the teams have managed to find answers for at least 10 puzzles out of 15, but the only one team became an absolute winner. So far, we keep the intrigue who is the winner. We will find it out tomorrow on the cruise! Getting ready for the departure The further the hotter! Clever heads wear caps! Special thanks to the volunteers from Yakutsk, who helped to create the Geocaching game! These are Gavril Sleptsov, Sardaana Popova and Ekaterina Maksimova. Daria Valter, coordinator of Geocaching Photo: Elena Vlasova

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