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Yakutia International Science Games

09 july 2018 at 18:00

On July 9 in KFEN NEFU, the opening ceremony of 3D modeling competitions was held within the framework of the International Science Games-2018, which will be held from the 8th to 15th of July in Yakutsk.

In total, 30 teams will participate in the competitions, 29 of them representing the Republic of Sakha, and one — Kazakhstan. All participants were trained in the Quantorium and divided into teams of two participants. After that, they had submitted their own projects from which the jury chose the best ones. Teams will work in two disciplines: technical and creative. In the technical discipline, participants will work only on specific topics, while in the creative one they will be given an opportunity to think creatively. It is important to fit into the time limits and follow the strictly defined criteria.

Aimira Terlikbaeva and Adel Yerzhanova, Kazakhstan:

“We met a lot of guys from Yakutsk. We didn’t attend the local training camps and now we are figuring out what we had missed there. As it turned out, the 3D printers that we have in our school are radically different from the ones here. About the YISG-2018 we had learned from our teacher. It was he who pushed us to participate. But we were preparing by ourselves. Six months ago we participated in the International competition “Infomatrix-Asia”; which gave us the great experience in the field of modeling, it became the foundation of our skills. We had started to study 3D Modeling from this exact competition. Since then we have developed our skills. W love and craving for drawing, but now in 3D-form. Most of all, I like to look at my work after it has been pre are keen on 3D, so training did not require much effort. We grasped everything on the fly . Actually, for this reason, Aimir wanted to become a designer or an architect. In my case, 3D modeling awakened the forgotteninted. It’s funny to see the fruits of their labors in reality. It seems to us that the skills of 3D-modeling would never hurt, because this is our future».

Boris Shakhtarin, Yakutsk:

«We are preparing for the competition on 3D-modeling within the framework of YISG-2018, it will be held on July 10. This competition includes both creative and technical aspects. I heard about 3D modeling 2 years ago and immediately wanted to try it myself. For some time I studied independently at home, then enrolled in courses to improve my skills. I was often offered to participate in various competitions, and I always agreed. This year I discovered that a big competition will be held in Yakutia and decided to participate in it. We held a competition to identify the best work. In 3D modeling, I like the fact that in a few hours you can create something incredible. I believe that 3D is our future, because before you create anything, you need to build a model in advance. If earlier the project was done on paper, now we are doing it through 3D printer. I have not yet decided who I want to become in the future, but I believe that 3D modeling will give me many opportunities in the future»

Stepan Pavlov, district Oktyomtsy, Republic Of Sakha(Yakutia):
«I got into this competition randomly. This was for me an unexpected gift of fate. There are a lot of participants from other countries and it’s great . We can make new friends, share ideas and thoughts with each other. I started doing 3D modeling recently: at the beginning of the last academic year. At school there is a technopark there are various directions: robotics, programming and 3D-modeling, which immediately tightened me. And, as they say, «here it goes». But despite the small experience, 3D brings me great pleasure. Most of all like that you can translate ideas, everything that comes to mind into reality. In a consequence, you create something of your own. It is literally creating in your hands. «
On the first day, the guys will set up their technique along with the experts, and then directly begin their projects. «The topics are strictly classified,» the expert said.

There is a tense atmosphere on the area. All participants are anxiously waiting for the draw to start their projects.
We wish every participant good luck and new successes!