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Yakutia International Science Games

08 july 2018 at 16:00

On July 6, at the airport «Yakutsk» within the framework of the International Intellectual Games which is held on July 8-15, the meeting of the President of the Doganata Education Science Energy and Engineering Fair Ms. Umit Kardemir and her daughter from Turkey was held. They were met in national Yakutian and Russian suits, treated with loaf, fritters and kumys. Among the meeting ones was the rector of the Minor Academy of Sciences Pavlov Vasily Klimovich.

Umit Cardemir is one of the most influential people in the field of education development strategy in Turkey. We asked her a couple of questions. Is this your first visit to Yakutia? Yes, this is my first visit to Yakutsk, but the second in Russia. — What are your first impressions? I am happy they met me so cordially. Vasily Klimovich is a good friend of mine, and I am very glad that I will be in the company of good and interesting people.

— What activities will you attend? I am a member of the MILSET organization, therefore, I will attend all activities which will be connected with MILSET, including a scientific exhibition *. The president of the MILSET Association East is my friend also, that’s why thanks to him I’m here too.

— What do you think, what is the significance of international intellectual games for science? The experience of international intellectual games is especially important for the younger generation. Through these events we would like to instill in children a love of science and encourage them to deal with it. We will be able to influence the future of our world and the environment more strongly, by helping people make new discoveries and create inventions.

— What impressions would you like to receive? It seems to me that the Yakutian and Turkish cultures are somewhat similar, so I think we will get only pleasant impressions from the upcoming games.

Umit Kardemir will stay in Yakutsk for the entire period of the games from 8 to 15 July. We remind you that you can see the live broadcast of the opening and closing ceremonies on the channel “NVK-Sakha” on July 8 and 14, respectively, at 8pm Yakutsk time.

MILSET Vostok Expo-Sciences is an international exhibition of children’s and youth design and research work from Russia, CIS and other countries of the world.