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Yakutia International Science Games

The International Research School (IRS) is a unique international science camp, that gives an opportunity for children to do real science, work with modern lab equipment, visit scientific centers, make new friends from all the parts of our planet. This is a project for everyone interested in the world around us.
Senior school students from around the world gather together for several days to participate in express projects in the natural sciences and humanities under the guidance and supervision of young scientists from Russia and abroad. For only10 days, the projects pass all their stages: a hypothesis, setting the goals and objectives of the experiment, data collection and processing, presentaton of the results to colleagues and experts. In addition IRS offers lots of interactive trainings, games, workshops, concerts, tours and sports events.

Delegation leaders exchange their experience in doing science with children at the workshop organized as part of the IRS.





All-Russian movement of creative teachers “Researcher”
32, Cherepanovyih St., Moscow, 125008, Russian Federation

Ksenia Salnikova – IRS Director

Email: ksenia.salnikova@milset.org


During the International Research School, we are guided by a set of rules. The leaders of the delegations participating in the IRS are responsible for the observation of these rules by their group members.


What should one do at the IRS?

1. Participate in all the activities of the School. The IRS program includes work in project groups and mass events. Coming to the School means participating in both. Each activity is directly related to other ones and affects the overall result. You can get the most complete, vivid and memorable impression of the School only if you participate in all its events and activities.


2. Come to the scheduled events on time. The IRS lives in a very intense rhythm, and it is very important to stick to this rhythm. Being late, you create inconvenience to other participants and miss a part of the event.

3. Observe the daily routine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are held strictly on schedule! We draw attention to the inadmissibility of late arrivals, since they entail inconvenience upon all delegations and project groups. The Organizing Committee asks to take into account that the visit to the canteen takes place in shifts. You have 45 minuntes for every meal.


4. Communicate in English. English at IRS is not only the working language, but also the one we use in everyday communication. This should be remembered both during your work in the project group and in other situations. For example, if you want to say something to your compatriot, but next to you there is a participant from another country, please, be polite and speak English.


5. Show careful and respectful attitude to each other, to local traditions and customs, to the culture and traditions of other participants, as well as to the property on the territory of residence and the environment.

6. Observe the safety rules:

  • Immediately notify your delegation leader of tutor, if you feel unwell.
  • Do not leave the territory of the IRS-2017 venue without permission on days when this is not stipulated by the program.
  • Do not leave your group during the excursions and field activities without a permission of the accompanying adult\adults.
  • While on a moving bus, do not stand or walk. Leaning out or putting your hands out of the bus windows is also forbidden. During the boat trip, do not bend over the railing and do not open the exit and the service room doors.



What is strictly forbidden at the IRS?

1. To be outside your room and make noise in the dormitory after 23.00.
2. Smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs.
3. Gambling


11th International Research School on STEM-projects

(Yakutia International Science Games)


1. General

1.1. The aim and objectives of the IRS (International Research School):

1.2.1. The aim of the IRS is to promote international cooperation in scientific and technological creativity, in research and development activities of students and youth.

1.2.2. The IRS has the following objectives:

  • to introduce Russian students to the relevant aspects of modern researches and project works in the humanities, science and technology in the world;
  • to develop students' motivation for scientific and technical creativity and research activity by including them in thematic projects of a problem-solving type, the results of which are not known beforehand;
  • to allow Russian students improve their English proficiency, introduce a special terminology to their active vocabulary, enhance their skills of meaningful communication and thematic discussion;
  • to establish and develop ties between scientific and educational institutions of Russia and other countries;
  • to create the international community of young researchers and school students from various regions of Russia and foreign countries;
  • to build a positive image of Russia and the Russian scientific school in the international community;
  • to cultivate patriotism in Russian secondary school students.

1.3. The Executive Organizer is defined according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

1.4. The Executive Organizer forms the Organizing Group for the preparation and hosting of the IRS (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Group) and the Panel of Experts (hereinafter referred to as the Experts) and submits to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for approval in consultation with the direction of the “Researcher” International Movement.

1.5. The official site of the IRS - http://irschool.ru

1.6. The working language of the IRS is English.


2. Management

2.1.   Preparation and hosting of the IRS is carried out by the Organizing Group.

2.2.   The Organizing Group is empowered to:

  • form and approve the extensive program of the IRS;
  • prepare and distribute beforehand information letters and invitations to the IRS;
  • provide extensive filling of the site with relevant content (news publication, sections update)
  • organize the online registration of participants;
  • organize a competition for the IRS projects management; approve the work plans of the project teams and the tutors list;
  • maintain regular correspondence with the delegation leaders during the preparation for the ISR, coordinate online registration and solve current issues on participation organization;
  • maintain regular correspondence with tutors during the preparation for the ISR, solve current issues and form a general list of equipment and materials necessary for the project teams;
  • provide foreign participants and tutors with visa support;
  • provide media coverage of the IRS;
  • provide logistical support of the IRS (food and accommodation of participants, transport, equipment and supplies provision for the project teams);
  • conduct the program of communication trainings and cultural events within the IRS;
  • carry out a supervisory program for tutors;
  • provide with the excursion, sport and scientific and educational program of the IRS;
  • form the Panel of Experts for evaluating the presentations of the project works;
  • provide written and oral translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English during the preparation and conduct of the IRS;

Copyrights for the technology of the International Research School belong to its developers – Alexander Leontovich, Alexei Obukhov and Kseniia Salnikova.


4. Participation

4.1. Participants registration

For participation in the Exhibition, participants must register on the IRS website no later than April 15, 2018.

4.2. Categories of participants

The IRS format assumes three types of participation:

  • Participants – high school students (ages 14 to 17), working in project groups. Foreign students are assigned to a project by public organizations that are members of MILSET, following regional and national competitions in these countries. Participants from the Russian regions are selected by the regional offices of the "Researcher" International Movement. The delegation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is formed by the SJSA from the prize winners of regional competitions in scientific and technical creativity and research and development activities;
  • Tutors - young scientists (students, graduate students, teachers) from Russia and various countries of the world, who carry out the scientific supervision of the work of schoolchildren;
  • Delegation Leaders - teachers from different regions of Russia and countries of the world, accompanying children's groups, who are responsible for the life and safety of children during the IRS.


4. IRS Procedures

4.1. International thematic project groups are formed within the IRS, which implement research and engineering projects. Participants go through all the stages of conducting research within 10 days of the project: hypotheses generation, goals and objectives setting, experimenting, processing the data obtained, presenting results to colleagues and experts.

4.2. Themes, problems, goals and objectives, as well as a preliminary research plan are developed by "tutors" - young scientists from Russia and their foreign counterparts. The projects themes cover Natural Sciences (Acoustics, Neurophysiology, Paleontology, Physics, Chemistry, Ecology), as well as Social Studies and Humanities (Psychology, Historical Anthropology) and Technology (Mechatronics, Robotics, Electronics). A project group consists of 6-12 students each.

4.3. Delegation leaders participate in a special program of seminars, practical trainings, project works on contemporary problems of education and research work with schoolchildren.

4.4. A cultural and educational program is organized within the IRS: excursions to the historical and scientific museums of Yakutsk, visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Lena Pillars, as well as interactive scientific master classes on relevant problems of science, communication games and trainings aimed at development and support of cooperation in a multicultural environment.


5. Examination and Results

5.1. The final stage of the IRS is the public presentation of the work results of the project teams to the Panel of Experts.

5.2. The presentation procedure is not competitive. Its main goal is to allow participants to systematize and present the results obtained; to improve public speaking and scientific discussion skills. In addition, it performs an important psychological and educational function: an expert's opinion - a specialist in the presented subject - involves participants in a system of important scientific work, increases personal responsibility of each member of the research team and at the same time provides critical evaluation of the results of their own activity.

5.3. All participants of the IRS will be awarded with a special certificate.


6. Funding

6.1. Registration fee for participation in the IRS-2018 is 350 euro for foreign participants and 22 thousand rubles for participants from Russia.

6.2.  A sending party covers travel expenses to Yakutsk and back, as well as the stay of participants beyond the above-mentioned dates (subsistence, transportation, excursions).

6.3.  The total budget for the event is agreed on and approved by the SJAS and the “Researcher” International Movement until April 20, 2018. The budget is an integral part of the Agreement between the SJSA and the “Researcher” on the holding of events within the YISG.

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