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Yakutia International Science Games

MILSET Vostok Expo-Sciences is an international exhibition of children's and youth design and research works from Russia, CIS and other countries of the world. This is an uncompetitive measure aimed at creating an atmosphere of cooperation and interaction between young scientists motivating to scientific activity. The exhibition takes place in the format of an open interactive poster presentation of projects, which enables participants to present their work to completely different audiences - experts, visitors and even youngsters. Also in the framework of the exhibition master classes, seminars, conferences and cultural and educational events are held.

Site of the Exhibition http://esv2018.milset.org






Vompe Tatyana, executive director of exhibition ESV 2018




International Exhibition of Students’ Research Works in Science and Technology

(Yakutia International Science Games)


1. General

1.1. The aim and objectives of the Exhibition:

1.1.1. The aim of the Exhibition is to create a motivating STEAM environment for engaging students in Natural Sciences, Technology, Engineering creativity, Art and Mathematics, based on the principles of cooperation, rather than competition between schoolchildren, students and young scientists from around the world. The event is not competitive and includes scientific discussions, introduction to the national cultures of the countries from which the participants arrived, master classes on folklore, etc.

1.1.2. The Exhibition has the following objectives:

  • to search for talented youth (school students, university students, young scientists) and create conditions for their intellectual and creative development;
  • to promote innovative forms and methods of education;
  • to develop the professional interest of schoolchildren, students, young scientists in natural sciences, technology, engineering, creativity and mathematics;
  • to maintain scientific ties;
  • to establish ties between educational, scientific and cultural institutions;
  • to provide interaction of educational, scientific, industrial organizations with business;
  • to increase the competitiveness of youth development by facilitating their promotion;
  • to form a communication environment that provides effective unlocking of the intellectual potential of schoolchildren, students and young scientists;
  • to cultivate an innovation culture in order to enhance the prestige and status of an innovator.

1.2. The official site of the Exhibition - http://esv2018.milset.org

1.3. The working language of the IRS is English.


2. Exhibition Management

2.1. The management of the preparation and hosting of the Exhibition is carried out by the Organizing Group. The members of the Organizing Group are appointed by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in consultation with the direction of the “Researcher” International Movement of Creative Teachers.

2.3. The Organizing Group is empowered to:

  • define the procedures and format of the Exhibition;
  • control the compliance of the Exhibition conditions with the standards and requirements of MILSET as a regional exhibition MILSET Vostok;
  • manage preparation, distribution and processing of documentation;
  • approve the list of invited scientists and the conditions for their participation in the events of the exhibition;
  • provide media coverage of the Exhibition: to make contracts with the media in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, advertising contracts, contracts for the creation of souvenirs and its distribution, etc.
  • provide technical support for the Exhibition: organization of food, accommodation, transportation, provision with translation services, exhibition equipment and placement for exhibition stands and other events of the Exhibition;
  • provide organizational support for the Exhibition: general coordination of the Exhibition, supervision of student-volunteers who speak foreign languages, etc.;
  • attract sponsors and benefactors, submit applications for grants.


3. Participation

3.1. Participants registration

For participation in the Exhibition, the participants must register on the website http://www.milset.org/en/reg_vostok.html no later than April 1, 2018.

3.2. The Procedures and form of presentation of projects at the Exhibition.

All information on the stand is presented in English by the participants of the Exhibition.

Projects can be created individually as well as by a team. A collective project must be created by not more than 5 people.

The projects allowed for participation in the Exhibition must be created on the basis of scientific researches, experiments, design developments and inventions, presented in the form of models, miniatures, full-scale samples, computer programs, etc., which are provided with information and explanatory materials indicating the sequence of performed works, analysis of the obtained results and recommendation for the area of application.

A participant is provided with a stand equipped with a table, chairs, electrical outlets, etc.

A participant may provide their exhibition materials with the following information:

  • title and short description of the project;
  • the purpose, objectives, relevance of the problem;
  • technology / method / approach of solving the problem;
  • research results;
  • conclusions;
  • information on the results of the implementation of a scientific work / research / invention, copies of patents, scientific articles, awards, etc.

3.3. Categories of Projects

The projects participating in the Exhibition are divided into the following categories:

  • Science;
  • Technology;
  • Engineering;
  • Art and Social Sciences;
  • Mathematics.

3.4. Schoolchildren, students, young scientists of 12 to 25 ages, recommended for participation by national public organizations that are the members of MILSET, and who have registered in accordance with the established procedure, may participate in the Exhibition.


4. Exhibition Procedures

4.1. Scientific consultation at the Exhibition is carried out by invited scientists. The task of an invited scientist is to thoroughly review a project and discuss with the author the strong points of the project and possible flaws, to introduce the author to the norms of scientific research (design) and help the participant to shape a work plan for the future. The task of an invited scientist is to identify the positive side of the project, which can be marked in a special nomination.

4.2. A cultural and educational program is organized within the Exhibition in order to introduce participants to the sights of the venue of the Exhibition, encourage cultural and professional exchange between the participants.

The Program includes the following events:

  • the opening and closing ceremonies;
  • an evening of national cultures;
  • master classes on folklore and traditional crafts;
  • the General Assembly of MILSET Vostok;
  • a meeting of the Executive Committee of MILSET Vostok;
  • a series of meetings of the MILSET Board;
  • an official dinner for the leaders of delegations;
  • a conference on the exchange of experience for leaders of delegations (Leader Congress);
  • Young Citizens Conference (YCC);
  • a master class on Science Communication;
  • excursions to historical sights of the venue of the Exhibition;
  • visits of science institutions and enterprises.


5. Exhibition Results

5.1. Each participant is awarded with a diploma including description of the strong points of their project: for example, for the best work in a certain area of science; for interdisciplinary research; for the best collection; for the best design; for the best popularization of scientific topics, etc.

5.2. The Exhibition’s news are published on the official site http://esv2018.milset.org, on the site of the “Researcher” http://oodi.ru, on the site of the “Yakutia International Science Games” and in social networks https://www.facebook.com/esv2018/, https://www.instagram.com/esv2018/.


6. Funding

6.1. The registration fee for participation in the Exhibition is 250 Euro and includes a cultural and excursion program, a participant package, the provision of a standard exhibition space, accommodation, subsistence and transport services during the Exhibition.

6.2. Sending organizations cover travel expenses to the venue of the Exhibition and back.

6.3. Delegations cover the stay of participants beyond the above-mentioned dates, provide them with accommodation, subsistence, transportation and excursions on their own expense.

6.4. The total budget for the event is agreed on and approved by the SJSA and the “Researcher” International Movement of Creative Teachers until April 1, 2018. The budget is an integral part of the Agreement between the SJSA and the “Researcher” International Movement of Creative Teachers on the holding of events within the Games.