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3D-Modeling competition consists of two directions, each of which has two stages: art modeling and technical modeling for a given and a free topic. In the technical direction modeling is carried out according to the technical task. The first direction of the art modeling is a speed modeling on a free topic, the second – completing a task according to the specified technical task. Participating teams consist of two students. The Winner is the team that scored maximum total score in both directions. The possibility of further 3D printing of the finished model is considered as the main criteria for evaluating the task. The team result is taken into account when calculating points for obtaining the YISG Grand Cup.






Контакты членов организационной группы соревнований по 3Д-моделированию в рамках I Международных Интеллектуальных Игр



Контактные данные


Петрова Мария Петровна

директор ГАНОУ РС(Я) «Республиканский ресурсный центр «Юные якутяне»




Макарова Нюргуяна Владимировна

зам. директора по ОМР ГАНОУ РС(Я) «Республиканский ресурсный центр «Юные якутяне»




Иванов Игорь Олегович

педагог дополнительного образования ГАНОУ РС(Я) «Республиканский ресурсный центр «Юные якутяне»




Васильев Андрей Николаевич

методист ГАНОУ РС(Я) «Республиканский ресурсный центр «Юные якутяне».





3D Modeling Competition

(Yakutia International Science Games)


1. General

1.1 Objectives of the Competition are:

  • to promote and develop interest in artistic and technical 3D modeling among students;
  • to improve skills of the participants;
  • to create conditions for the development and support of intellectual abilities, imaginative and spatial thinking of students, the identification and development of creative abilities.

1.2. The Executive Organizer is defined according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

1.3. The Organizer forms the composition of the Organizing Group for the preparation and hosting of the Competitions (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Group), the composition of the Panel of Experts (hereinafter referred to as the Experts) and submits them to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for approval.

1.4. Teams participation in the Competitions is governed in accordance with the YISG Terms and Conditions.

1.5. The results of the Competitions are evaluated by the Experts.

1.6. Working language of the Competitions is English.


2. Organization

2.1. The general management of the Competitions preparation and hosting are carried out by the Organizing Group.

2.2. The Organizing Group is empowered to:

  • provide the conditions for hosting the Competitions;
  • organize the awarding of the Competition Winners and Prize-winners;
  • analyze and summarize the results of the Competitions and submit a report to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

2.3. Experts are empowered to:

  • define evaluating criteria for the Competitions task performance;
  • assess the level and quality of computer modeling and models;
  • analyze works, technical errors;
  • resolve controversial issues (moderation), arising during the Competitions;
  • draw up final rating of participants and record results of the Competitions;
  • define the winners of the Competitions.


3. Participation

3.1. Teams participate in the Competition according to the YISG Terms and Conditions.


4. Copyright

4.1. If there are any third party’s claims concerning a presented model, a participant of the Competition is obliged to resolve them without involving of the Organizer.

4.2. By presenting a piece of work at the Competitions, participants give permission for non-commercial use (publication in printed and web editions, displaying on an exhibition stands with the inclusion of the author’s name) of this piece.


5. Technical Support

5.1. Competitions are held on computers equipped with productive processors and video cards running Windows.

On computers, the following software must be installed in advance:

  • 3DS Max;
  • Blender;
  • ZBrush;
  • Compass 3D;
  • Autodesk 123D;
  • Google SketchUp.

5.2. In case a team wishes to work in other software, it must warn the organizers in the application no later than 2 weeks prior the beginning of the Competitions.


6. The Competitions

6.1. 3D Modeling Competitions are held in 2 directions: technical and artistic.

6.1.1. Technical modeling is held in 2 stages, 4 hours each. The first stage includes reading and understanding of a technical task, developing strategy of the work, creating drawings, start of the modeling. At the second stage of the work, the participants complete the modeling and give their work to the Experts for evaluation.

6.1.2. Artistic modeling is held in 2 stages, 4 hours per each stage. The first stage includes high-speed modeling on a free topic. The second stage is carried out in accordance with the technical task and the teams present their work to the Experts for evaluation.

6.2. One team takes part in two directions simultaneously.


7. Results and Awarding

7.1. The Competitions Winners and Prize-winners are defined according to the number of scores achieved.

7.2. The Winners are defined for each category. The Absolute Winner of the Competition, who obtained the greatest total score in the categories, is defined separately.

7.3. The Prize-winners of the Competition are the participants who follow the Winners in the final table. If a participant determined within the established quota as a Prize-winner has the same score as the following ones in the final table, the Experts settle the issue for this participant and all participants who have an equal number of points.

7.4. The moderation is conducted by the Experts on the basis of a team’s written application and is held on the same day, no later than 3 hours after the announcement of the Competitions results. During the moderation, the score on the disputed issue may be increased, left unchanged or lowered in the case of the detection of an error that was not noticed at the initial examination. The results of the moderation are recorded in the protocol.

7.5. All participants are awarded by certificates for participating in the Competitions, Winners and Prize-winners are given diplomas.

Task examples

Exemplary tasks of the Olympiad on 3D-modeling at the International Intellectual Games

Technical modeling

The task:
Participants are given a technical task and a sketch of the proposed device, the working prototype of which they must develop and create a model ready for 3D printing.


Drawings of the details of the hand mixer are given: gears, whiskers. And also a sketch of the prospective design of the case. It is necessary to develop a model ready for 3D printing to assemble a prototype, print out the details and assemble a prototype.

Evaluation criteria:

The main criteria for assessing the task of technical modeling will be the possibility of 3D printing of each model. The correctness of the simulation, the correctness of the virtual assembly of the product, the readiness of the files for 3D printing will be evaluated.

Artistic modeling:

The task:
The first stage is in the form of independent work on speed. In the allotted time - 4 hours - participants need to model the character on the given topic. The model must be ready for 3D printing.

At the second stage, participants are given a technical task to simulate the souvenir of the event. The souvenir model should be ready for 3D printing.


It is necessary to simulate the character R2D2 from the universe of the Star Wars for the subsequent printing of the 3D model.
You need to come up with a design and simulate a souvenir in the form of a magnet on the refrigerator on the topic of International Intellectual Games. The souvenir should be limited to the dimensions of 100mm * 100mm, on the reverse side there should be a place for securing the magnet D = 12mm.

Evaluation criteria:

The model should be the most similar to the character. The model must be ready for 3D printing.
The souvenir fits into the dimensions of 100mm * 100mm. There is room for fixing the magnet, the model is ready for printing.