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IT-Hackathon is a team competition in developing software applications. It is an accelerated process of a software programme development, during which teams of 3 students work together on a solution of a given problem, create a prototype and present it before a jury. The competition consists of an introductory part – brainstorming and production of ideas, the main part – practical activities and the final, where the teams present the results of their work. According to the score given by the jury, special nominations will be awarded, such as "Best Design", "Best Technical Solution", "Best Presentation" and "Best Product". The team result is taken into account when calculating points for obtaining the YISG Grand Cup.



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Anatoliy Semenov – director

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of “IT-Hackathon” Programming Competition

(Yakutsk International Science Games)

1. General

1.1. The given Terms and Conditions define aims, objectives, organization and hosting of the “IT-Hackathon” Programming Competition (hereinafter referred to as – Hackathon).

1.2. Hackathon is a continuous marathon of programmers that encourages to generate new ideas in the area of programming and is held to promote the information and communication technologies among younger generation as a field of international relations.

1.3. The main objective of Hackathon is to create publicly available and socially significant or innovative applications and services.

1.4. The Executive Organizer is defined according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

1.5. The Executive Organizer forms the composition of the Organizing Group for the preparation and hosting of Hakathon (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Group), the composition of the Panel of Experts (hereinafter referred to as the Experts) and submits them to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for approval.

1.6. Participation in Hackathon  is governed in accordance with the YISG Terms and Conditions.

1.7. The results of Hackathon are evaluated by the Experts.

1.8. Working language of Hackathon is English.


2. Organization

2.1. The general organization of the preparation and hosting of Hakathon is carried out by the Organizing Group.

2.2. The Organizing Group is empowered to:

• provide the conditions for hosting Hackathon;

• organize the awarding of Hackathon Winners and Prize-winners;

• analyze and summarize the results of the Hackathon and submits a report to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

2.3. Evaluation of the participants’ projects is carried out by Experts, who are specialists from the relevant executive bodies of state power, independent experts.

2.4. The Experts are empowered to:

• evaluate projects of participants;

• resolve controversial issues (moderation) arising during Hackathon;

• draw up final rating of participants and record results of Hackathon;

• define Winners and Prize-winners of Hackathon.

2.5. Successful group communication and consulting assistance to participants during the Hakaton in the process of performing the Assignment is carried out by the Facilitators.

2.6. The Facilitators are empowered to:

• ensure successful group communication within the team;

• provide a comfortable atmosphere for the productive work of participants;

• control the entire process of completing tasks;

• give recommendations on the technical aspects of creating a software product during the Hackathon;

• assist in coordinating the actions of participants;

• time control, so that the discussion takes place according to plan and is the same for all participants;

• monitor whether the teams comply with the conditions of Hackathon;

• control whether the teams maintain public order;

• assist in coordinating the actions of Mentors.

2.7. Mentors carry out consulting assistance to the participants, while they are completing the assignments.

2.8. The Mentors are empowered to:

• consult the participants on the technical aspects of developing a software product during Hackathon;

• assist in coordinating the actions of participants;

• monitor whether the teams comply with the conditions of Hackathon;

• control whether the teams maintain public order;

2.9. Compliance with the terms and conditions of Hakathon to the participants are carried out by the Supervisors.

2.10. The Supervisors are empowered to:

• coordinate the activities of facilitators and mentors;

• control of compliance by the Hackathon conditions;

• monitor compliance with the general order;

• in the event of non-compliance with the procedure for holding the Hackathon by the Participant, the mentor has the right to disqualify the Participants or the Participant Team and remove the disqualified Participants from the Hackathon site.

2.11. The responsibility for the safety of the Participants in the absence of their legal representatives is assumed by the Accompanying person.

2.12. The Accompanying person is empowered to:

• communicate with the Organizer and other persons of the Organizing Group;

• ensure the safety of Participants in the absence of their legal representatives;

• help to increase the effectiveness of mentors' work, without interfering with the fulfillment of the Assignment by the Participants.

2.13. Support for the organization of Hackathon is provided by a Partner.

2.14. A Partner is empowered to provide organizational, financial, and information support to Hackathon.


3. Participation

3.1. The team takes part in Hackathon with accordance to Terms and Conditions of Yakutia International Science Games.

3.2. Hackathon Team is a group of 3 participants: project manager, designer and developer who are representatives of one educational organization, united to participate in Hackathon. Each participant can be a member of only one Team.

3.3. Team Captain is a participant selected by the team members from the team, who represents the team’s interests; the Captain is authorized to receive prize on behalf of the team and distribute it among the team members, and also make organizational decisions on behalf of the team during the Hackathon.

3.4. Winners of Hackathon are the teams whose results are recognized as the best in each of the Nominations based on the results of the Experts' evaluation.

3.5. Project (Result) of the Teams is a software product (a mobile application, a web service, a prototype of a mobile application or web service, physical objects) that contain an embedded technology, which allows to measure people’s state or the environment, to use and transmit this information to the digital space. For the Experts’ assessment, it shall meet admission criteria written in the Terms and Conditions, including a description of the functionality, design, source code created by the Team as a result of the assignment and submitted the first to be judged within the period prescribed the terms and Conditions. One Team has the right to present only one Result.

3.6. The official homepage of Hakathon is an information resource on the Internet at

http://yisg.ru/event/4 for publication of up-to-date information about the competition.

3.8. Information for Hakathon participants is posted on the official homepage of Hackathon.

3.8. The Organizer and Coordinator of Hakathon have the right to mutually agree to amend the given Terms and Conditions.


4. Registration

4.1. Teams are registered on the official website of Hackathon from February 1 to May 1, 2018.

4.2. Registration is allowed to teams – Winners and Prize-winners of regional hackathons of the Russian Federation and other countries, as well as teams of school communities invited by the decision of the Organizing Committee. By the decision of the Organizing Committee, Teams that do not participate in regional hackathons can be admitted to the registration subject to confirmation of the Participants professional qualifications.

4.3. To participate in the Hackathon, a team must register on official website of the Hackathon by filling in all the required blanks in the registration form.

4.4. By registration for participation in the Hackathon, Teams confirm their agreement with the conditions of Hackathon, defined in this Terms and Conditions.

4.5. The Organizer has the right to limit the admission for participation, if the number of participants exceeds 100 people.

4.6. A Team registered to participate in Hackathon has the right to refuse the participation in Hackathon, change the composition and the number of team members, without violating the Hackathon’s Terms and Conditions, no later than a month prior the start of Hackathon. Information on changes mentioned above is send to the Organizer via e-mail or filling in a contact form on the official website of Hackathon.

4.7. The Organizer has the right to refuse the participation of the teams without explaining the reasons no later than 1 month before the start of the event.


5. Hosting.

5.1. Hackathon is held from July 9 to July 12, 2018. The total time given for work on projects is 32 hours (4 days).

5.2. Scope of the Hackathon is “Internet (Web)Services”.

5.3. Projects of participants must meet requirements of the scope mentioned above.

5.4. The latest program is published on the official website of Hackathon.

5.5. Participants arrive at the location the Hackathon is held (Yakutsk) independently together with the Accompanying Person.

5.6. To participate in Hackathon, teams use their own computer hardware with installed software, mobile devices, other technology and equipment necessary to participate in Hackathon.

5.7. Team or competitor who arrives at the Hackathon venue after the Hackaton starting time, specified in 5.1, is deprived of the right to participate in the competition.

5.8. The Organizer provides the teams with: access to the Internet, at least three power connection points, three meals a day, free access to public places, free access to places of rest.

5.9. Teams are prohibited from using software that disrupts the work of the Organizer’s systems and creates the possibility of changing the results of the competition.

5.10. In case of a systematic violation of public order or the rules of Hackathon by a participant, Mentor, as a representative of Organizers, has the right to disqualify the participant or the team which the participant belongs to, and remove the disqualified participant(-s) from official website of the Hackathon.

5.11. Teams have the right to independently allocate time for work and resting time.

5.12. The Organizer does not provide the participants with the software and does not control the availability of licenses for software installed on the equipment specified in Clause 3.6 of the given Terms and Conditions.

5.13. The team must submit the draft to the Experts in the format of a presentation and video demonstration of the prototype's working capacity (the time limit for the performance is no more than 7 minutes: 5 minutes for the performance and 2 minutes for the demonstration of the prototype).

5.14. The team should present the project in English.


6. Results and Awarding

6.1. The results of Hackathon are summarized on the basis of the Results evaluation that were carried out by the Experts.

6.2. Any team that has developed and implemented a project that meets requirements of Hackathon can become a Winner.

6.3. For the evaluation by the Experts, teams submit and present a software product that operates at the level of a prototype.

6.4. The project should be fully developed during the event. A development and imitation of the functionality of already existing software products will not be evaluated by Experts.

6.5. The evaluation of the projects is carried out in three sections and is carried out by:

• Facilitators and mentors;

• Experts.

6.6. The evaluation of the projects is carried out by the Facilitators and Mentors, by Experts on a ten-point scale on the basis of the following criteria:

• Idea

o Novelty (uniqueness);

o Proficiency;

• Design

o Corporate identity;

o Ease of use (UI / UX);

• Development;

o Technological performance;

o Functionality;

• Project protection

o The completeness of the presentation material and the disclosure of the topic;

o Quality of public speaking.

6.7. Score calculation algorithm:

Total score = 0.3 Evaluation of mentors + 0.7 Evaluation of experts.

6.8. Rewarding:

• I place. The team members are awarded prizes and diplomas of the 1st degree.

• II place. The team members are awarded prizes and diplomas of the II degree.

• III place. The team members are awarded prizes and diplomas of the third degree.

6.9. In terms of the totality of scores given by the Jury members in accordance with clause 6.7., Winners in the nominations: "Best Idea", "Best Design", "Best Technical Solution" and "Best Presentation" are determined.

6.10. Information about the winners of the Hackathon is published on the Official website no later than July 31, 2018.

6.11. All participants are awarded certificates for participation in IT Hackathon. Winners are awarded with diplomas and prizes.

6.12. Winners arrive at the awards ceremony on their own. The terms of the Hakaton do not provide for the storage of unclaimed Prizes and their issuance after the end of the terms provided for the issue of Prizes. The non-arrival of the Team Captain for the rewarding deprives the Team of the right to receive the Prize.


7. Copyright

7.1. Copyright for the projects created in Hackathon is reserved for the participants. The Organizers reserve the right to use works of participants for non-commercial use at the end of Hackathon in order to increase the level of public attention to the results of its activities.

7.2. The Organizer and partners are not responsible in case of problematic situations related to copying of ready-made solutions, and the work that has appeared in such a situation is removed from participation in Hackathon.


8. Miscellaneous

8.1. While receiving prizes, the Winners are obliged to pay taxes and other obligatory payments required by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

8.2. Personal data voluntarily provided by the participant are used to inform and conduct the competition.

8.3. Participation in Hackathon indicates that the participant gives his or her consent to the processing of his personal data.

8.4. By participating in Hackathon, the participant confirms his or her agreement with given Terms and Conditions.