Yakutia International
Science Games 2018

July 8-15, Yakutsk, Russia


For foreign teams and teams from Russia:

1st round

May 1 – Deadline for accepting the 1st round applications (registration fee 50 USD)

May 2-4 – Processing

May 5 – Sending the 1st round invitations

2nd round

May 2-13 – Accepting the 2nd round applications (registration fee 100 USD)

May 14-15 – Processing

May 16 – Sending the 2nd round invitations

3rd round (final)

May 14-26 – Accepting the 3rd round applications (registration fee 100 USD)

May 26 – Applications deadline

May 27-29 – Processing

May 30 – Sending the 3rd round invitations


Yakutsk International Science Games is an international youth science forum that aims to establish an international community of highly motivated students, teachers and scientists, members of public organizations and parents who are interested in science and technology, in order to create and develop a continuous communicational and educational platform for the gifted and highly motivated students, engaged in scientific research and projects, to exchange experience and knowledge in the field of the students’ scientific research and the projects development, to provide multimedia coverage of the YISG and create an interactive and information web-platform for the YISG.


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About Yakutia

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is the largest on the territory of one of the most important economic subjects of the Russian Federation.

In Yakutia there is a pole of cold Oymyakon, the temperature is -67.7 ° C

1/5 of the territory of the Russian Federation

99% of Russia's diamond production

The territory of Yakutia is within three time zones. Local time inside the republic is 6.7 and 8 hours ahead of Moscow.

The total length of all the Yakut rivers is more than 2 million kilometers

Most of Yakutia is in the permafrost zone

Population density - 0.31 people / km²